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For nearly everyone on Earth the primary advantage will be time savings, which translates directly into efficiency and productivity gains. When someone has a monthly meeting on the first Friday of the month, they will no longer have to refer to their calendar to see what the date will be. They will instantly know it is the 5th of the month, because that will be the first Friday of every month. For annual events, people will no longer have to spend time studying what dates will work. A three day conference in October can always be on exactly the same dates. If it works on October 10-12th this year, the same dates will work in succeeding years also. Time is money and when small savings can be had by all, the total benefit is immense. We all have some better way to spend our time than coordinating dates with an ever changing calendar.


The New Earth Calendar is an extreme simplification of the Gregorian calendar which we have been using for a long time. But, given the fact that business and commerce now drive the world, the immeasurable efficiencies that would result from adoption of The New Earth Calendar are very persuasive. Each month would have the same calendar, arranged the same, four weeks, twenty eight days and every week begins with a Monday and ends on Sunday. Never changes, year after year the same.

If The New Earth Calendar were to be adopted, it would be introduced in the most seamless manner in a Gregorian year that starts with January 1st on a Monday, as in 2001, 2007, 2018, 2029 and 2035…..or such other future year. It would certainly take time to coordinate the change so pick a time for adoption 20, 30 or 50 years out. Computers could be programmed with both calendars available to ease in the transition. Beyond that, we would just need to commit to making the change. Try it…..give it a test drive in 007, along side the Gregorian calendar. For the first 28 days of January, the two are identical and then the change will become apparent. I believe you’ll like it.

This is not a fiber optic, 2.5 gigahertz, broadband widget; this is so basic you don’t even need an instruction manual. Just use it and enjoy. And best of all, there is no fear of it being obsolete the day you buy one.....its good forever (and of course it’s free anyway). In an era where high tech innovation is a daily occurrence, it seems unlikely that a low tech change would come along that might have such a profound influence on business and the people of our world. Friends tell me it’s too logical and that people don’t like change. But why not? It’s a new century, a new millennium and why not a new perpetual calendar….with a new month called Luna.

In order for this to happen, support for The New Earth Calendar needs to be rallied. A big part of this is education and exposure. The concept is not difficult but the endorsement and backing of influential individuals and groups is essential. While promotion is needed, so are your comments and feedback.