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The goals of The New Earth Calendar are many, but primarily they fall into two categories.

  • First, create a perpetual calendar that can be used each year without change
  • Secondly, simplify the calendar so that it is easy to memorize and rely upon in our daily lives.

Both of these goals are simply achieved with The New Earth Calendar.

By using the exact same 28 day monthly calendar, each day of the week always falls on the same four dates each month, and only four dates. For instance, Wednesdays will always be on the 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th of the month…..and never any other date. With only one monthly calendar as opposed to the 28 currently in use, it will be soon committed to memory.

Every week, every month and every year would begin on a Monday. Whenever someone refers to the start of a workweek, they think Monday. Similarly, if someone says lets meet “the week of.......”, they are referring to a week that starts with that Monday. The International Organization for Standardization has the week beginning with Monday and ending on Sunday in ISO 8601. European Standards seem to agree. The reasons for our current calendar to show weeks beginning on Sunday seem long lost so with The New Earth Calendar, Monday starts everything and, so coincidentally did this millennium with January 1, 2001.